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History Of The VMC

In 1988 it was recognized that there was a real need to help support and coordinate the fast-growing sport of vintage racing. Thus the Vintage Motorsports Council (VMC) was formed as a council for all the organizations devoted to vintage racing. 

Those original organizational meetings took place in Denver (Nov. 1987) and then in Chicago in January 1988.  The picture at the right was taken at that meeting in Chicago.

Many of today's participants in vintage racing are unaware of the existence of the VMC and its activities over the years. This is understandable since VMC acts primarily as a trade organization for its member organizations. Thus it is not really visible to the general population of racers. But is well known and respected as a valuable resource for the officers and managers of vintage racing organizations in the U.S. and Canada. Consequently virtually all vintage racing organizations in North America are members of the Council.

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2012 marked the 25th anniversary of this organization. Since its formation, the Council has arranged for delegates from each member organization to meet twice each year to discuss and hopefully provide solutions to mutual industry problems and opportunities.

The Silver Anniversary meeting was held in Denver on November 10th, 2012.  To help celebrate the Silver Anniversary, the original VMC Founders, most of them featured in the 1988 photo above, were invited to attend the meeting in Denver.  Hosted by Rocky Mountain Vintage Racing, Saturday evening's festivities were held at the wonderful Mathews Collection.  This was entirely appropriate since Harry Mathews was one of VMC's Founders.  The event was attended by 30 representatives from 20 member vintage race clubs and corporations around the country. 

Click here for a complete pictorial of the 25th Anniversary celebration at the Mathews Collection.

Nov. 2012 -- All seven of these gentlemen were Founders of VMC back in 1987/1988. Left to right Jack Fitzpatrick, Tom Ellis, Henry Adamson, George Bruggenthies, Ely Fishkin, John Kleen, and Harry Mathews.

The Dewey Dellinger Award

This prestigious award, periodically awarded by the VMC, honors the memory of Dewey Dellinger, the first President of the VMC and founder of Victory Lane Magazine.  Dewey was known as a dedicated pioneer, innovator and leader with a free spirit. The award recognizes individuals who have provided significant contributions to the sport of vintage racing and who have demonstrated many of Dewey’s traits.  Past recipients are:  

1997 Syd Silverman 1998  Joe Puckett   1999  Bob “Woody” Woodward   2000  Joe Pendergast
2001  Dick Baker 2002  Dan Davis 2003  Steve Earle   2004  Charlie Gibson 
2005  Dick and Judy Buckingham 2006  Tom Ellis 2007  George Bruggenthies 2008  Ely Fishkin
2009  Henry Adamson 2010  Harry Mathews 2012  Mike Connolly 2013  Ford Heacock
2014  Bob Alder 2015  Art Summerville 2016 E. Paul Dickinson 2017 Carl Jensen (Posthumously)
2018 Gil Campbell 2019 Ed Swart    


Past Presidents Of The VMC

1987-1990 Dewey Dellinger (Victory Lane Magazine)

1990-1992 Henry Adamson (VSCDA) 1992-1994 Harry Mathews (NR)  
1994-1995 Larry Haile (VARA) 1995-1997 Bill Hirst (VARAC) 1997-2000 Dick Buckingham, Jr. (SOVREN)
2000-2002 Art Summerville  (CVAR) 2002-2004 Mike Connolly (PVGPA) 2004-2008 Robert Alder (RMVR)
2008-2012 Starke Shelby (SOVREN 2012-2016  George Vapaa (VSCCA) 2016-2018  Bob Shedd (VSCDA)
2018 - Present John Bechtol (PVGP)